~About Me~

I've had a fluctuating style since my auntie taught me how to sew during my teenage years. I wore my distressed low cut jeans with an oversized sweatshirt and made sure to add a little something unexpected — a funky belt, a chunky necklace, anything to stand out. I didn’t know it then, but a part of my blended heritage I wanted to convey through my style. Black meets Mexican, hip hop meets beach vibes, bohemian effortlessness with the poetry of urban life.

It's interesting how fashion trends return. Distressing jeans and long flowy skirts were in back then, only to return to them years later. The issue I find is outside of jeans, it's been difficult to find other apparel that matches my current eclectic, bohemian style.  You know, a little rock and a little hip hop with my neo soul. While what I saw very pretty, it was also very vanilla for my taste. Sure, I’d spend a few hours a week digging through the racks at my favorite thrift store, but no one sold the clothes that perfectly suited me. Searching the racks and going home in frustration birthed something else.

I was also beginning to search things out and grow spiritually away from the Southern Baptist roots that questions nothing into seeing God globally, in every nation, in science, in the Earth, in nature, and connecting to the spirit beings that we are.

How to combine my journey has been taking a piece of myself and curating Granola Child. Granola Child means modern hippie. I hope you will find a bit of yourself expressed here. This brand is a blend of the beliefs I hold, the food I eat, the mix of music I listen to, the books I enjoy, and unity of cultures I value. The prints, patterns, accessories and lifestyle that is Granola Child, a modern hippie brand that is a global fusion of flavors and artistic style from my store to you.