Behind The Brand

Welcome to Granola Child – the soulful destination where women's boho fashion meets the rhythm of your inner earthy spirit. 

Here at Granola Child, we're all about embracing the beautiful chaos of life, sprinkling a little flavor into the mix, and infusing boho with a touch of magic. It's about embracing your inner free spirit and expressing your unique style with confidence. Our collection of boho-chic dresses, 2-piece sets, jumpsuits, kimonos and separates including crop tops, graphic tees and harem pants do just that. 

From our classic boho styles to select items in extended sizes up to 4x, we empower woman to embrace her uniqueness with confidence. Our pieces are designed for mixing and matching, so you can effortlessly create versatile outfits for any occasion along with accessories, shoes and statement pieces, that stay true to that authentic boho-inspired aesthetic you adore. We understand that finding pieces that embody your unique style is a journey in itself and I'm thrilled you've chosen Granola Child as your travel companion.

Granola Child isn't just a boutique; it's a sanctuary for the earthy souls like you. This isn't just about fashion; it's about purpose. We celebrate the fusion of cultures, the beauty of nature, and the connection between spirituality and personal growth in our newsletter and social media channels. We bring the essence of Granola Child to you, uniting style, beliefs, music, literature, global flavors, artistic styles, and the diverse elements that make you, well, you.

So, welcome to Granola Child, where fashion and individuality intertwine, and your journey to embracing a modern hippie aesthetic begins. 

Breathe in. Embrace. Express. You're right where you belong.


Our mission is to empower women to embrace their free-spirited and expressive selves through our curated collection of boho-inspired clothing and outfit suggestions. We strive to provide a space where women can confidently explore their personal style, allowing them to feel liberated and authentic in their everyday lives through dress.



 I've had a fluctuating style since my auntie taught me how to sew during my teenage years. Whatever I wore, I made sure to add a little something unexpected — a funky belt, a chunky necklace, anything to stand out. I didn’t know it then, but a it was part of my blended heritage I wanted to convey through my style. Black meets Mexican, hip hop meets beach vibes, bohemian effortlessness with the poetry of urban life.

It's interesting how fashion trends return. Distressing jeans and long flowy skirts were in back then, only to return to them years later. The issue I found is it's been difficult to find other apparel that matches my current eclectic, bohemian style. You know, a little rock and a little trip hop with my neo soul. While what I saw very pretty, it was also very vanilla for my taste. Searching through racks at thrift stores takes time, and going home in frustration birthed something else.

I was also beginning to grow spiritually away from the Southern Baptist roots that questions nothing, into seeing God globally. Seeing God in every nation, in science, in the Earth, in nature, and connecting to the spirit beings that we are.

I decided to use my journey by taking pieces of myself and growth, and using them to curate Granola Child. Granola Child means modern hippie.  This brand is a blend of the beliefs I hold, the food I eat, the vast variety of music I listen to, the books I enjoy, and unity of cultures I value. I hope you will find a bit of yourself expressed here.
Love, peace & hair grease ✌🏽