222 Angel Number Necklace

Been seeing angel number 222 around lately? Want a reminder of this special angel number? 222 as a part of numerology is considered an angel number. 222 is a combination of the number 2, which speaks to balance, success, duality and encouragement, and the master number 22 which is associated with ancient wisdom, vision and transformation. This number is guiding you to move forward with harmony and peace in all areas of your life. You are cultivating things you have put into the Universe, have patience and keep the faith they will happen.

The Angel Number 222 Necklace will be your daily reminder. This beautiful chain link necklace features crystal stones lining the number's interior. The chain link style is perfect for dressing up in your cutest sundress on dressing down in your jeans.

Product Details

Material: Zinc Alloy
Care: Take off before bathing
Shipping: Domestic (est. 4-7 days)