Egyptian Trio Charm Necklace in Gold

A trio of history, beauty, culture. The Silver Layered Egyptian Trio Charm Necklace features 3 of the most popular amulets of African Egyptian culture. It is perfect to wear with your favorite scoop neck blouse or turtleneck to truly display its beauty.

The first layer features an Ankh charm, also known as an Egyptian cross. The second layer is the Eye of Horus charm. Associated with the moon, the Eye of Horus symbolizes good health, recovery and protection. Finally, all hail the queen, Nefertiti, the Great Royal Wife of Pharaoh Akhenaten. One of the most mysterious and powerful women in Egypt, her name meant “A Beautiful Woman Has Come”.

Product Details

Material: Zinc Alloy (Lead-free and nickel-free)
Care: Remove for shower and sleeping
Shipping: Domestic (est. 4-7 days)