Vicki Yellow Plaid Print Loose Fit Long Skirt

The Vicki Print Plated Skirt is a perfect style for summer. The length and fullness gives a mini flare with this mixed plaid printed skirt, and the fabric has a soft flowy look that you will love, so it's perfect for those hot summer days when you want to be modest but still very chic!

Why I sourced it? Because it's giving late 90's long skirt boho. The mixed prints are everything to me, you can be as mixed match or matchy-matchy as you want. It's long, so it's tall girl friendly and there is an elastic waistband so you can wear it low on the hips or pull it into a high-waisted look and both styles are fly. On top of all that this skirt has pockets! What girl can turn down pockets?!

Product Details

Material: Polyester
Fit: true to size
Care: Machine wash cold, tumble dry
Shipping: Imported (est. 14-17 days)

Size Waist Hip Length
  Inches Inches Inches
S 24.41 69.29 43.31
M 25.98 70.87 43.7
L 27.56 72.44 44.09
XL 29.13 74.02 44.49
2XL 30.71 75.59 44.88
3XL 33.86 77.17 45.28