Glitzy Gumball Glasses

Photo fly... like seriously, y'all these Glitzy Gumball glasses automatically make your photos stop and stare worthy. Like, so cute, for real for real. People are gonna ask where you got them, they are 2022 stunna shades.

However, with that being said, these glasses are made for photos only. You cannot see clearly through them, not to drive much less to even walk. Do not, I repeat, do not attempt to wear these like regular glasses or shades unless you ready to walk into something, trip or have an accident. If that occurs, it is on you because i'm telling ya know -> get in the model pose and then put on the glasses and take the picture. When the picture is done, take them off. 

Product Details

Lens material: PC
Frame material: PC
Anti-UV grade: UV400
Visible light perspective rate: 99 (%) (this is for seeing light only, not seeing objects)
*please note, the bubbles on the frames are fairly fragile, in that some may fall off the frames during shipping and need to be reglued on.
Shipping: Imported